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What Happens During Professional Car Detailing? September 14, 2017

Goshen, Orange
What Happens During Professional Car Detailing?, Goshen, New York

Professional car detailing is more than just a wash. As the name says, this process focuses on the tiniest details of your vehicle's appearance. When you bring your car in for this service, both the interior and exterior will be freshened up so your car doesn't just look clean — it looks like new.

Exterior Services

Detailing starts with a basic wash but goes much further. The smallest crevices around your headlights and grille will be cleaned, removing accumulated dust and debris. Your wheels and tires will also receive careful attention, removing grime from what is usually the dirtiest part of a car. If desired, you can also have your paintwork polished and waxed and your windows washed and dried to prevent streaks.

Interior Services

Professional Car DetailingInterior detailing starts with a thorough vacuuming of your carpet and upholstery. The professionals will remove and scrub your floor mats to get rid of any stains, as well as the ground-in dirt of daily wear. Your floors, seats, and any cloth sections of your doors will also be washed and treated for stains. Finally, they’ll clean your doors, steering column, dashboard, and center console and sweep out even the smallest crevices of the door frame.


When you bring your vehicle in for professional car detailing, you get more than just the enjoyment of a perfectly clean vehicle. Regular detailing helps maintain the automobile’s value and can protect it from the elements. In short, detailing keeps your car in the best condition for as long as possible.


When Orange County, NY, residents need dependable, professional car detailing, they head to Warwick Car Wash Oil Express or Goshen Car Wash Oil Express. The sister companies offer a variety of packages guaranteed to leave your car looking spotless inside and out. Contact the Warwick store at (845) 986-9966 or the Goshen location at (845) 294-2488 to arrange detailing for your car. Visit them online to learn more about their services.

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