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What You Can Do About Plumbing Issues That Attract Pests September 14, 2017

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What You Can Do About Plumbing Issues That Attract Pests, Bristol, Connecticut

Whether you hear a faucet dripping or see a pool of water next to the washing machine, leaks are a common household plumbing issue. Many people are surprised to learn that excess moisture can also attract pests. Insects like cockroaches, termites, and silverfish tend to build colonies in dark, wet areas like crawl spaces and unfinished basements. The following guide outlines three problems homeowners often experience with their plumbing and what you can do to keep these issues from inviting insects into the house.

3 Types of Leaks That Attract Pests

Faucet Leaks

Not only is the dripping sound associated with this plumbing issue irritating, but the water in the sink also attracts cockroaches and silverfish. Even if you don’t hear the faucet drip, leaks around the base of the fixture and in the pipes can also create an appealing environment for pests. Check underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks once a month to make sure there are no leaks or signs of insect activity.

Foundation Plumbing Flaws

plumbing issues Bristol CTDoes your home have an unfinished basement or crawl space? That’s where plumbing lines enter your home—and you might find excess moisture from condensation or tiny cracks. These dark, damp spaces are the perfect hiding place for rodents and insects. You may not spend much time in these areas, but it’s important to check them a couple of times a year to make sure the pipe inlets are sealed, so pests can’t get into your home. If you notice brown water stains on your ceiling, there may be a hidden plumbing issue that encourages pests to move in.

Damaged Household Appliances

The washing machine and dishwasher require gallons of water to clean soiled clothing and dirty dishes. These household appliances have many moving parts, and if one of them becomes clogged or stops working properly, the machine could develop a leak. The areas behind and under the appliances are common places for pests to hide, so check them often to make sure there are no puddles or insect nests.

How to Prevent Plumbing Issues From Inviting Pests

If you hear dripping sounds or see puddles near any faucet or pipe, call a plumber immediately. Even if you don’t see evidence of active leaks, it’s a good idea to have an expert inspect your home once a year to make sure the pipes and appliances are in good working order. Basic services like drain cleaning and water heater maintenance can keep plumbing issues from starting in the first place, so pests are not tempted to enter the house.


The home maintenance professionals at James J. Rybczyk Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Bristol, CT, offer a wide range of services to address common plumbing issues. Keeping your home dry not only makes it more comfortable, but it also helps you avoid a pest problem. If you see signs of excess moisture in the house, call (860) 589-2527 to make an appointment. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their services.

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