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Water Purification Considerations for Baby Safety Month September 4, 2017

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Water Purification Considerations for Baby Safety Month, Henrietta, New York

If you feed your baby with formula, you need a reliable source of clean water both to make their food and clean their bottles. Because September is Baby Safety Month, the water purification experts of Rochester, NY’s Anderson Water Systems highlights some important considerations when choosing the best in water quality for any little one.

How Do You Tell if Your Water Is Contaminated?

If you regularly use water from your tap, you’ll want to know it’s safe for your baby to consume. Some contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide and chlorine, have distinctive smells and tastes that will alert you. Unfortunately, however, there isn’t always a clear sign. Contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, lead, and arsenic, don’t have an odor or flavor.

If your baby is drinking any amount of water from the tap, you’ll want to ensure it’s safe and contaminant-free. You can receive a free, in-home water analysis from Anderson Water Systems or check the health history of your water source using the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Information System.

Should You Use Tap Water for Baby Formula?

water purificationNot all types of water are fit to use with baby formula. Sometimes, the chemicals and additives found in certain water sources aren’t suitable. Using your tap water (after you’ve determined it’s contaminant-free) is OK if it’s boiled first. Boiling, however, can sometimes concentrate impurities if done too long or repeatedly. Because of this, other sources that have undergone water purification methods are often recommended. 

There are baby-specific brands of bottled water that are certified by the EPA and follow much tighter guidelines than other sources. If you use regular bottled water, check that it doesn’t contain any additives such as minerals for taste. If it does, boil it like tap water.

What Water Sources Should Be Avoided?

Do not feed your baby with formula containing well water. While some sources of well water are safe for consumption, many have iron and nitrates that don’t reduce when boiled. Because of this risk, avoiding well water altogether is the safest route to take. Also, avoid water that’s carbonated or contains high traces of fluoride.

What Water Should Be Used to Clean Baby Bottles?

While boiling water to clean bottles and bottle nipples was once a must, it’s not always necessary these days. If your water source has been confirmed as safe to drink, you most likely don’t have to boil it when cleaning your bottles. Instead, hot, soapy water will do the trick.

Taking the necessary precautions when preparing baby formula or cleaning bottles will keep your child safe and healthy throughout the initial stage of their life. But clean water should be a staple throughout the entirety of anyone’s life! Thankfully for residents of Rochester, Anderson Water Systems provides state-of-the-art water purification systems. For more information, call (585) 385-6610 or visit their website today.

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