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How CleanStart® Will Save You Time & Money With Kids Back in School September 1, 2017

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How CleanStart® Will Save You Time & Money With Kids Back in School, Henrietta, New York

The back-to-school season means there will be an influx of sports practices, lunchroom fun, recess breaks, and other activities that cause your children’s clothes to get dirty. Due to the increase in laundry, you may notice your energy bill goes up during this time. CleanStart®, a new alternative offered by the water purification experts at Anderson Water Systems in Rochester, NY, can help you and your family save time and money. 

How Does CleanStart Help Clothes Last Longer?

Buying new clothes for your children while they are growing is expensive enough. Having to buy new clothing due to deterioration from the washing machine should not be necessary. CleanStart doesn’t use detergents that cause clothes to break down over time, making trips to the store less frequent.

Is CleanStart Energy-Efficient?

water purificationUsing hot water during the wash cycle takes up 90% of the energy necessary to run the washer. The CleanStart system uses less energy than a 40-watt lightbulb and runs solely on cold water, which saves energy and money. Families with growing children will appreciate the extra money for school supplies!

Do I Need to Buy Detergent?

The CleanStart system uses water purification techniques that clean clothes naturally without any detergent. Ozone is added to the water, which causes it to oxidize and turn into oxygen, leaving you with spotless clothes. This process eliminates the need to buy detergents, fabric softeners, and bleach.

Does It Really Get Clothes Clean?

The CleanStart system gets clothes clean on the first try, so there is no need to put them through extra wash cycles. Since the CleanStart technology requires no detergent and uses water purification methods, the normal rinse cycle acts as a bonus wash cycle that cleans your clothes faster. Parents can use this extra time to help their children with homework or cheer them on during little league practice.

Would you like to save money when your children go back to school? Contact the water purification specialists at Anderson Water Systems to learn more about adding CleanStart to your washing machine. Call them at (585) 385-6610 for a consultation, or visit them online for detailed product information.

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