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Experts Debunk 4 Common Myths About Your Roofing September 20, 2017

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Experts Debunk 4 Common Myths About Your Roofing, Kernersville, North Carolina

Unless you have experience working for a roofing company, you may not know a lot about this part of your home or office. At Price & Sons Roofing Co., offering repairs and installations to clients in the Kernersville, NC, area, they often find customers have heard a lot of myths about the process of maintaining and repairing roofs. To help you better understand your own roof, they particularly want to debunk these common misconceptions.

4 Roofing Myths Debunked

1. New Roofs Can Go Right Over Old Ones

Although some people believe they can simply install new shingles on top of their old ones when putting in a new roof, this is not the case. This approach makes it impossible to examine the sheathing beneath them. As a result, the shingles are likely to fall prey to the same damage as your old ones.

2. If There’s No Obvious Damage, There’s No Need for Inspections

Roofing Kernersville NCWaiting until you notice damage to schedule a roofing inspection is like waiting until your car breaks down to schedule a tuneup. Many of the early signs of damage are actually difficult to spot if you don’t have professional experience. Scheduling annual inspections will ensure problems are identified early.

3. Gutters Don’t Need Attention

Gutters play an essential role in diverting water away from your home. Even if they look like they’re in good condition, they still need to be inspected regularly. Roof maintenance companies can spot issues, like corrosion, that indicate failing gutters that should be replaced.

4. Flashing Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced Until the Roof Is

Flashing prevents water from leaking into your home via roof openings. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t get away with waiting until you replace your roof to pay it any attention. Flashing should also be checked periodically to ensure it’s still in good condition.

There’s a reason Price & Sons Roofing Co. in Kernersville, NC, has stayed in business for three decades and counting. They’re true roof repair experts, helping their clients understand what steps they can take to keep their homes in the best possible shape. Contact them online to ask about scheduling an inspection, or call (336) 869-6921 today.

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