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NY Medical Care Provider Discusses Outdoor Tick Prevention Methods September 20, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
NY Medical Care Provider Discusses Outdoor Tick Prevention Methods, Manhattan, New York

Experiencing the great outdoors is an enjoyable way to spend a beautiful day. The fresh air, trees, and sunshine make for a perfect opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. However, even with all of nature's wonders, it's important to protect yourself against nature's pests, especially ticks. These tiny parasites cause a host of serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease and spotted fever. Medical care experts at 181 Street Urgent Care Center in New York, NY, share the ways you can protect yourself from these troublesome arthropods while still enjoying the outdoors.

Tick Prevention Tips From a Top Medical Care Team

Following a few easy steps will help protect you from various tick-borne diseases. Understanding your environment is one of the easiest ways to prevent tick bites. Ticks live in grassy or wooded areas such as parks or forests. They can also live anywhere there are shrubs or trees, like your backyard. If you enjoy camping, hiking, gardening, or other outdoor activities, you risk coming into contact with ticks.

Medical CareAnother way to prevent tick bites is by using an insect repellant with a component that deters these arthropods. Products that have lemon citronella oil, DEET, or other active ingredients will keep ticks from biting. There are even some articles of clothing that are treated with tick repellant. Some products may be dangerous for children, so consult the manufacturer's label and talk to your medical care provider.

When it bites, a tick's saliva is capable of transmitting pathogens to the host via the bite site. However, removing ticks early in the feeding process can limit the transfer. Ticks are often found on humans in areas with softer tissues, like behind the knees, under the arms, and around your waist.  When you take a break from your activities or come in for the day, inspect your clothing and your body for parasites. Shake out your clothes before going inside to give ticks less time to settle.

Another way to protect yourself from ticks is to protect your pets. Since they spend more time outdoors, animals are exposed more often to these parasites. In addition to inspecting your pet's fur frequently, opt to give your pets preventative oral or topical tick treatments. Since ticks are also found in residential yards, it is wise to discuss routine pest treatments with your local exterminator.

Though you might not expect a significant tick risk in Manhattan, the medical care team at 181 Street Urgent Care Center encourages you to exercise caution if you visit a tick environment. If you develop a fever, rash, or other symptoms that indicate a tick-borne illness, 181 Street Urgent Care Center's walk-in clinic has flexible hours available to work with your schedule. For additional information about available services and hours, call (347) 756-6000 or visit them online.

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