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How to Balance Health & Fitness For Kids With Time Spent Watching TV February 9, 2015

Upper East Side, Manhattan
How to Balance Health & Fitness For Kids With Time Spent Watching TV, Manhattan, New York

From computers at school to video games at home to ubiquitous smartphones, today’s kids are growing up in the glow of screens of all sizes. As you try to make positive choices for your family, how can you know how much is too much? The Little Gym of The Upper East Side, a fun destination for health and fitness for the whole family, offers a few guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics to regulate your child's time in front of a screen.

For young toddlers up to age two, the experts recommend a full no-screen policy, as television and other on-screen stimulation can interfere with imagination and cognitive development. From ages two through five, the Academy suggests just one hour of screen time.

As children reach school age, you can increase screen time to two hours. Bear in mind, of course, that screen time is not limited to just TV; it also includes computers, phones, tablets and video games. Excessive screen time has been linked again and again to health and fitness issues, chiefly obesity. Screen time takes away from physical play time, and as an idle activity, it often goes hand-in-hand with unhealthy snacking.

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