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4 Ways Acupuncture Relieves Pain September 27, 2017

SoHo, Manhattan
4 Ways Acupuncture Relieves Pain, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or experience chronic pain, you deserve to enjoy a discomfort-free life. This is why people turn to our team at J Train for acupuncture treatment in New York, NY. This technique is proven to naturally relieve pain in a few different ways and can be effective even for those who feel they’ve exhausted all their other options.

The tiny needles placed in strategic locations during an acupuncture treatment stimulate nerves and muscles, relieving pain in a few ways:

  • Releasing Endorphins: When the nerve endings in the muscles and tissues are stimulated properly, it results in the brain releasing neurochemicals such as serotonin and endorphins. These change the way the brain processes pain, resulting in a reprieve and an uplifted mood. 
  • acupunctureMicrocirculation: The needles improve the circulation of blood in the areas where the pain is concentrated. This relaxes the muscles and improves the mobility of the joints, which in turn reduce both discomfort and stress. When you are in pain, your muscles naturally react by tightening up, which leads to more pain. Circulation improvement stops the destructive cycle. 
  • Reducing Inflammation: Acupuncture can target certain nerves in the body, such as the vagus nerve, to reduce inflammation. When these nerves are stimulated, it triggers vascular and immunomodulatory mechanisms to keep the inflammation down.
  • Adenosine: The stimulation also boosts the release of adenosine, a compound that is commonly referred to as “the off switch for pain.” When triggered in the spine, it can inhibit the pain receptors in the brain for extended periods of time. 

Ready to try a holistic and effective tool for pain relief? Don’t wait! Schedule your acupuncture appointment with one of our professionals at J Train. Contact us today at (212) 255-2570 to get started, and follow us on Instagram. We also offer a wide range of services to keep you healthy and comfortable, from deep tissue massage to a full fitness program. Whatever services you choose, it will be the start of a new and better life! 


By J Train