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What Are Vestibule Outdoor Awnings? September 13, 2017

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
What Are Vestibule Outdoor Awnings?, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Some of the most popular outdoor awnings are custom vestibule awnings, otherwise known as seasonal enclosures. Durable yet affordable, they’re a simple way to add shelter to an entryway—commonly seen in front of bars, bistros, and boutique shops. They’re a great asset to have whenever you need extra protection from the elements but still want to maintain an inviting storefront.

A Brief Guide to Vestibule Outdoor Awnings

How Are Vestibule Awnings Made?

Vestibule awnings are most often fabricated from fixed aluminum or steel frames, with clear vinyl sections for windows. Vinyl awnings are often treated with a fire retardant. In addition, they can be customized with brand logos or graphics, and painted in almost any color. Vestibule awnings range in size, so they can be used as small storefront shelters or to accommodate entire outdoor dining areas.

When Would I Need a Vestibule Awning?

outdoor awningVestibule awnings are appropriate at any time of year. They are always helpful when it rains, allowing patrons a chance to shake off their umbrellas before entering the building. These outdoor additions are also a boon during hot summers, as they trap cool air indoors, even during periods of consistent foot traffic. As colder seasons approach, these versatile outdoor awnings trap warm air indoors, keeping your establishment cozy and helping you save on HVAC costs. Awnings also act as a buffer between wind gusts and outdoor diners. Last but not least, with customization, your vestibule awning can accentuate your establishment’s curb appeal.


Outdoor awnings provide protection and décor in one convenient package. If you’re shopping around for a new awning or seasonal enclosure, B&W Awning invites you to stop by their shop in Lexington, KY, to browse. They’ve been in business for over 130 years and stand by their superior craftsmanship. For questions about their selection of fabric awnings, please give them a call at (859) 254-0973. You can also view photos of their custom awnings online.

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