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Don’t Buy New When You Can Restore Furniture Instead September 13, 2017

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Don’t Buy New When You Can Restore Furniture Instead, Cincinnati, Ohio

Perhaps you’ve noticed the vintage trend taking over virtually everything within recent years. From clothing to home décor, everyone seems to be falling in love with pieces originating from another time. If you have a piece of antique furniture or simply one from a few decades ago, you’re in luck: instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new pieces, you can restore furniture to fit right in with many of today’s popular home aesthetics.

Why Choose to Restore Furniture?

Aesthetic Appeal

restore furniture Cincinnati OHFrom bedroom sets to coffee tables, time-worn pieces are becoming more sought-after by décor aficionados everywhere. Not only does antique furniture have loads of character, but many collectors also feel it’s better made than some modern options.


Vintage-looking furniture fits with virtually every home design trend popular right now. From rustic chic to mixed textures and industrial themes, any scheme you see trending right now can be executed when you restore furniture from the past.

Beautiful Transformation

If your pieces look a bit too well worn for your liking, don’t worry; you’d be amazed to see what furniture repair shops can achieve. They can reupholster old sofas and chairs to create a trendier look and even remove scratch, dents, and faded spots if you’d like to make your furniture look brand new.


Restoration is cost-effective for homeowners on a budget, and it can even enhance the value of any antique pieces you may have. Even if you don’t have any old furniture lying around your own home, you could always scour garage sales or check with family members to see if you can come across a bargain piece just waiting to be restored.


If you’re a resident of Cincinnati, OH, who’s ready to upgrade their furniture, Tri-County Furniture Restoration has been providing high-quality repair, refinishing, and restoration services to the community for over 36 years. To find out how they can transform and restore furniture for you, call (513) 771-6389 or send them a message through their website

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