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How Your Chiropractor Can Help with Headaches September 13, 2017

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How Your Chiropractor Can Help with Headaches, Somerset, Kentucky

Headaches are one of the most common physical ailments for people throughout the United States. They can be brought on by stress, bodily injury, hormones, and even concentration. To help relieve your pain, Belcher Chiropractic, located in Somerset, Kentucky, shares information on how their team can help ease headaches.

As the area’s leading chiropractic care facility, their team can alleviate the following issues with routine treatment:

  • Body Tension: The majority of headaches are brought headacheson by muscle tension. Many sufferers have desk or sedentary jobs that require them to sit in place for many hours on end. Combining the lack of movement with poor sitting posture results in muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. This, in turn, can lead to headaches. A chiropractor can reduce this tension with trigger point therapy (similar to a deep tissue massage) to the effected muscles. They also use therapies such as electric stimulation and heat to reduce muscle spasms.

  • Spinal Manipulation: Poor posture, heavy lifting, repetitive  movements and even day-to-day activities can cause a disruption in the alignment and normal movements of the vertebrae in your body. When your spine becomes misaligned it can result in headaches. A chiropractor is able to restore the proper alignment and range of motion to your spinal joints with spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is very safe and effective treatment in relieving the unpleasant effects caused by headaches.

  • Lifestyle Changes:  To get maximum benefit from the treatment a chiropractor provides in the office, they will often recommend lifestyle changes. Dr. Belcher at Belcher Chiropractor will offer nutritional information, advice on postural changes and provide you with home exercises. He believed that if the tight muscles that creates tension headaches aren’t stretched and the weak muscle that support your posture aren’t strengthened you could continue to have reoccurring headaches.

If you have regular weekly headaches and you are tired of suffering, chiropractic my be your answer. Visit Belcher Chiropractic and get on the path to healing.  For more information regarding their services, visit their website or call (606) 676-0022 today.

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