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How Fence Installation Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium September 13, 2017

Hilton, Monroe
How Fence Installation Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium, Hilton, New York

For many people, the cost of homeowners insurance is a frustrating part of having a house. However, you could lower your premiums with a simple update like fence installation. New York State Fence Co. in Hilton understands the benefits of adding a fence to your yard, including security and landscape enhancement, and explains how it also can be a financially savvy decision for homeowners.

Many insurance companies reduce premiums for customers who install fences around their homes or parts of their property. The structure provides an added measure to prevent vandalism and home break-ins, and insurers view it as similar to an alarm system or another safety feature.

Fence Hilton NYInstallation of a fence around a swimming pool, hot tub, or trampoline also might lower your homeowners insurance bill significantly. These outdoor recreation items might entice people to use them without permission, making them liabilities for insurance companies. If you install a reliable fence around this kind of outdoor equipment, it will reduce your risk as a homeowner and alleviate your insurance carrier’s accountability, thus lowering your premium.

Once fence installation is complete, notify your homeowners insurance company of the upgrade immediately. If you don’t share the information about the property improvement with your carrier, you won’t reap the financial benefits. To ensure a lower premium, take pictures of your new fence and send them to your insurance company, then follow up with them to determine whether they require a visit by an agent to inspect your fence.

If you’re ready to erect a fence and enjoy reduced home insurance expenses, the team at New York State Fence Co. can help. They have been western New York’s premier residential and commercial fencing company for over 50 years, specializing in wood, vinyl, chain-link, and aluminum structures. To request a quote, call (585) 392-3222 or contact them online.

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