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3 Signs Your Cat Is in Heat: Explaining Feline Behavior September 13, 2017

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3 Signs Your Cat Is in Heat: Explaining Feline Behavior, San Marcos, Texas

Pet parents across the globe start to worry when their pets act strangely, especially when behaviors are destructive or frustrating. Responsible pet care involves being able to recognize the signs of a handful of issues; if your female cat is in heat, knowing the markers can help you be most effective in this area. Here are three signs your cat is in heat, and what you can do to protect them and your home during this unusual time.  

Excessive Affection 

Female cats that are in heat may act extraordinarily affectionate, rubbing against your legs or demanding constant cuddles. To keep your animal safe, pay attention to where she is at all times, and warn visitors who might be wary of extra attention. Also, since overly affectionate cats may be more likely to rub against furniture and doorframes, try to create dedicated areas where your animal can rub, stretch, and cuddle with stuffed toys freely.

Unusual Meowing

pet careOne of the most alarming aspects of having a cat in heat is the fact that they might start to emit strange noises. In addition to normal meowing, some cats growl and howl, which can sound like they are in pain. However, since these sounds signal their desire to mate, it is smart to focus on securing entrances and exits around your home to keep them from escaping the house and trying to find a male.


Cats in heat may also spray to attract males with their scent. If you notice your cat getting into spraying position, move them outdoors—with a proper harness or collar and leash on—to prevent messes inside. Additionally, keep their little box clean so that it encourages them to urinate in the proper place.


If you have questions about pet care in general or you are considering spaying or neutering, Animal Care Center of Hays County in San Marcos, TX, can help. In addition to offering physical exams, vaccinations, and radiology services, these pet care professionals can also help with emergency care, surgery, and routine grooming. To learn more about their services, explore their website or call (512) 754-6333.

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