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Which Classic Cocktail Pairs Best With Seafood? September 13, 2017

Orange Beach, Baldwin
Which Classic Cocktail Pairs Best With Seafood?, Orange Beach, Alabama

Finding the perfect seafood and cocktail pairing is a challenge. Which liquor tops off the ceviche, and which one best supplements your salmon? While everyone’s palate is different, certain suggestions always stand out. With a little experimentation and a whole lot of flavor, the chefs at Orange Beach, AL’s Barefoot Island Grill cook up handcrafted specialties daily, with fresh ingredients made from scratch.

The beachside staff shares how liquor and seafood make the perfect match: 


cocktailAs the traditional drink of sailors, you can find a rum-heavy cocktail at any beachside restaurant. Look for drinks with the darker variety, pair them with crab cakes, and watch savory flavor hit your taste buds like never before.

Dark rum brings out the flavor in crab meat of any variety, and it works even better when it’s sipped slowly with a slice of pineapple. Light, yet fruity daiquiris, piña coladas, and mojitos make ideal sippers. 


Whiskey meets its match by supplementing grilled salmon. A classic cocktail like the old-fashioned one adds a unique touch to this common catch of the day, especially with thick sauces like hollandaise. Whiskey’s natural notes of black pepper and ginger accentuate dishes ranging from simple to decadent. 


Silver tequila is mouthwatering with ceviche, so feel free to order that next round of margaritas. Light, yet tasty, the refreshing flavor pairs well with an equally light, seafood-friendly meal. Gold tequila, on the other hand, works better with heavier offerings: think spicy seafood pastas. Since both are filled with hearty aromas, they go together as smoothly as salt and pepper. 


Vodka is strong, and since it’s commonly paired with a wide range of fresh juices and sodas, it offers endless cocktail options. This makes your seafood choices wide as well; vodka is fun to experiment with. Opt for a simple cocktail; a hint of citrus to your drink adds flavor to shrimp and oyster options. 

If you’re seeking fresh seafood in Orange Beach, look no further than Barefoot Island Grill. The area’s go-to restaurant serves up innovative options daily, from fresh grilled swordfish to savory shrimp pasta—with a cocktail on the side, of course. With unique, handmade recipes, you’ll savor the flavor and the creativity. Visit the website to view the menu, or call (251) 256-0055 to make your reservation today. 

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