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3 Tips for Matching Hardwood Floors With New Flooring September 13, 2017

Staunton, Staunton
3 Tips for Matching Hardwood Floors With New Flooring, Staunton, Virginia

For the average person, buying a house is one of their greatest investments, so they need to take home improvement steps to ensure it stays in top shape. Prized by prospective homebuyers, installing hardwood floors throughout your home significantly increases its value. If you have existing wood floors but need to partially replace a section or add additional flooring to another room, matching new hardwood is an excellent option.

It can also be a complicated process, which is why it’s critical to have wood flooring experts like Morris Paint & Floor Covering, Inc. on your side. Serving Staunton, Waynesboro, Stuarts Draft, Fishersville, Charlottesville, and Verona, these professionals discuss key considerations for any homeowner looking to match old and new hardwood in their home: 

1. Match as Closely as Possible

By working with a local hardwood flooring expert, you can ensure a pretty close match between your old and new hardwood. However, it is extremely difficult to ever get an exact match due to variations among trees, age, and color changes due to sun exposure.

hardwood flooringSince this variation is most noticeable in the areas where the two different woods converge, look for ways to mask the transition, such as an attractive rug or T-molding and transition strips. If the transition between woods happens in a larger area, changing the direction of the wood can help make a closer match. This technique can also bring out the beauty of your floors in an unexpected way.

2. Weave New Into Old

Through a technique called “threading” or “lacing,” you can blend old hardwood floors with new flooring in spots where a seamless transition is necessary. After matching the new and old hardwood as precisely as possible, cut the board seams at the edge of the old flooring and remove them.

From there, you can use longer pieces of the new flooring to fill in those gaps, blending the old and new wood. The most important part of this process is selecting a stain reflecting the current color of your existing hardwood, not the color it was when it was originally installed. Turning to a professional will be your best bet in getting the perfect custom stain to match.

3. Sand & Refinish Your Entire Floor

Sanding and refinishing your blended flooring is a great way to get an even more seamless look. However, your old hardwood will react differently to staining than your new boards. For this reason, you’ll still want to weave your boards together for the smoothest possible transition. Your flooring professional’s expertise will help you determine the method of staining and refinishing that will be absorbed most evenly and provide a more uniform color.

If you want to match new and old hardwood floors in your home, contact Morris Paint & Floor Covering, Inc. by calling (540) 886-1050 for assistance in matching, threading, and finishing your hardwood. You can also visit the website to learn more about the competitive pricing and services available, including carpet installation, vinyl flooring, and custom shutters, draperies, and window blinds.