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Water Purification: 4 Frequently Asked Questions About These Systems October 30, 2017

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Water Purification: 4 Frequently Asked Questions About These Systems, Henrietta, New York

Even when you have reliable access to clean drinking water through your tap, minerals and dirt can still make their way into your water. It can even affect the water you use to clean dishes, cook, or brush your teeth. That's why Anderson Water Systems offers water purification services to residents across the Rochester, NY, area. Here, they've compiled a list of the most common questions regarding their products.

4 FAQs About Water Purification

What Are the Benefits of Water Filtration?

Water has several vital uses throughout your home. When your supply has a buildup of sediments and minerals, though, you'll notice small problems like drinking water that tastes strange and laundry that looks dingy. Thankfully, water filtration can fix this issue! A great system will remove all of the unwanted contaminants and make sure your water is pure every day.

How Do Reverse Osmosis Systems Work?

Reverse osmosis helps to filter out unwanted contaminants by using pressure and energy to push water through a filter-like membrane. The ions and minerals commonly found in unfiltered water are unable to move across this membrane and you're left with water that is purer.

How Often Do Shower Doors Need to Be Cleaned?

water purificationWith a great water purification system, you won't even have to clean your shower doors! That's because this highly efficient water will more effectively rinse away all of the soap and dirt. Simply dry your doors with a clean towel after each shower, and you’re all set!

What Should You Do About Hard Water?

Hard water refers to water that contains high levels of minerals, like calcium and magnesium. It can lead to dingy laundry or prevent shampoo from lathering well in your hair. If you notice this happening, water softeners will help. They will reduce the minerals in water, helping you achieve a cleaner home and softer skin and hair!

Whether you're more interested in water filters or softeners, the pros at Anderson Water Systems are always happy to help. They can even install a whole-house water purification system! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to give them a call at (585) 385-6610. You can also check out all of their products and services online.

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