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A Guide to Electrical Repairs for Old Wiring September 13, 2017

Pico Rivera, Whittier
A Guide to Electrical Repairs for Old Wiring, Whittier, California

Electrical repair is a service provided by qualified electricians to repair or replace residential or commercial wiring. The service is often necessary when the materials are old or in poor condition. When it comes to electrical work, utilizing out-of-date materials can be dangerous, as it increases the risk of a fire.

What Do Electrical Repair Specialists Consider Old Wiring?

Electric repair specialists use the term “old” to refer to any materials that aren't up to code. It can be used describe wiring that has been in use for many years as well as frayed or damaged lines of any age.

electrical repair Pico Rivera CALicensed electricians must follow government guidelines when performing work electrical work. These guidelines, or codes, explain current safety methods for installation and repairs and discuss the equipment needed to reduce the risk of house fires.

Since electrical codes are updated periodically, wiring in homes built decades ago seldom meets the requirements. However, new homes can also have problems with compliance if the builder cut corners.

How Do You Know When Electrical Repairs Are Necessary?

If you experience frequent issues with your appliances and lights, there may be an underlying problem with the wires. You might see scorch marks on outlets, which suggests the devices you use are not compatible with the wiring. You should also take note of blown breakers. While occasional surges are normal, continuously needing to check the breaker box signifies a larger issue. An electrical contractor can confirm whether these problems are due to outdated wiring and perform the necessary repairs to replace them. These electrical repairs protect your belongings and ensure your home meets current building standards.


Replacing your home's old wiring can be dangerous, so choose an electrician you can trust. Michael Lawrence Electric in Pico Rivera, CA, has met the residential, commercial, and industrial electrical repair needs of the Greater Los Angeles area for over 15 years. Their insured and licensed contractors offer quick, efficient, and accurate work in addition to quality customer service. Receive your free estimate by calling (213) 591-0829 or contacting the team online.

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