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A Guide to the Roofing Assessment Process September 13, 2017

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A Guide to the Roofing Assessment Process, Kernersville, North Carolina

While many homeowners believe their roofing was built to last forever, exposure to harsh weather can take a toll on the materials. Having a contractor assess this part of your home will help you get a sense of its condition and decide whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. A roofing inspection is an important preventative measure that should be done each year to keep your home safe. This service saves you the cost of repairs or a new roof installation. The following guide outlines what contractors look at during their assessment.

Exterior Components

roofingDuring the inspection, the roofer will examine each shingle to ensure none of them are cracked or loose. Replacing damaged shingles makes your roof a more effective shield from precipitation and wind.

The inspector will also look at the gutters to make sure the segments are properly aligned and connected to the house. This reduces the risk of clogs and ice dams, which can cause water damage.

Finally, the professional will inspect the chimney to verify that it is structurally sound. They will look for damaged or poorly installed flashing and flaws in the masonry that could present safety hazards.

Interior Support System

After examining the roofing, the inspector will look at your home’s interior, especially the upper level. They will check the ceiling for signs of mold and moisture to make sure there are no leaks. During this portion of the assessment, the roofers will also inspect the insulation and ventilation to confirm that they are free from problems. 

Once the roofing contractor finishes the assessment, they will provide a list of recommended repairs to improve the structure’s safety, as well as an estimate for the job. 


When homeowners in Kernersville, NC, need a reliable contractor to perform their yearly roofing assessment, they count on the team at Price & Sons Roofing. For more than 30 years, these experienced professionals have provided high-quality roof repair and maintenance services that protect homes from the elements. To schedule your evaluation, visit the company online or call (336) 869-6921.

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