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If you are battling summer brain drain or want to give your kids the an academic advantage, Eye Level Learning Center in Charleston, Staten Island has an enrichment program tailored for your child. Give your kids the math, English and critical thinking help they need to achieve their best.

Start Your Child's Education With FasTrack® Beginners Enrichment Program September 19, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Start Your Child's Education With FasTrack® Beginners Enrichment Program, Staten Island, New York

Every parent wants their child to be well-prepared for the rigors of academic life. As they transition from preschool to kindergarten, it’s important they get the focused educational opportunities to succeed. FasTracKids, a learning center serving the Willowbrook neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, provides an enrichment program, FasTrack® Beginners, designed to give children ages two to three an educational advantage. Below is a brief introduction to the program and how it benefits your child.

Smooth Transition to Kindergarten

In the upcoming year, students will be making the transition from preschool to kindergarten. To help prepare them for the change, an enrichment program offers a more focused type of education. Here, they learn cognitive and literacy skills that provide a foundation for future learning.

Additional Language

enrichment programsYoung children have a remarkable capacity for easily and efficiently acquiring new languages. As their brains are still developing, learning another language becomes second-nature, just as natural as their native tongue. The beginner’s enrichment program from FasTracKids teaches children another language, while enhancing their English vocabulary. This learning improves their cognitive functions and ensures they have an in-depth understanding of our multicultural world and how to communicate in it.

Personalized Curriculum

Not every child has the same academic needs. FasTracKids understands this, and they create a personalized curriculum to address the strengths and weaknesses of every student. They also guarantee a fun experience for every child, teaching through storytelling, music, and other creatively engaging activities.

Give your child all the tools and skills they need to be ready for their academic life by enrolling them in FasTrack Beginners. For more information about FasTracKids on Staten Island and their available enrichment programs, call (718) 351-7333 or visit them online. From there, you can learn more about their other academic offerings, including after-school programs and reading and math tutors.

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