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3 Reasons to Invest in Pumping & Avoid Septic System Problems September 13, 2017

Milledgeville, Baldwin
3 Reasons to Invest in Pumping & Avoid Septic System Problems, Milledgeville, Georgia

Much of the waste your household generates flows through a septic system where it is separated into liquids and solids. If the tank develops a thick layer of sludge, the fluids will eventually flood the leach field. The easiest way to avoid this unsanitary septic system problem is to schedule routine septic pumping and remove the solid waste. This service should be performed every few years to keep your property clean and safe. Here’s why maintaining the system is such a worthwhile investment.

Helps You Avoid Expensive Repairs

Regular maintenance is a preventative measure against septic system problems that are expensive to fix, such as clogged drainage lines and contaminated soil. Pumping the tank every three to five years costs less than replacing the leach field. Prices for this service range from $7,000 to $20,000. Flushing only human waste and toilet paper will prevent clogs and related damage.

Maintains Property Value

septic system problems Milledgeville GAA faulty septic system can decrease the value of your home significantly, as it presents a potential environmental hazard and an issue the buyer would need to fix. Experts recommend scheduling tank pumping and maintenance before putting your house on the market to ensure everything is working properly and provide the new owners with a clean, efficient system.

Prevents Water Source Contamination

Staying ahead of septic system problems like leaks and leach field flooding prevents bacteria and pathogens from entering wells, groundwater, and surface water like streams and ponds. Eliminating the risk of contamination keeps people, animals, and plants healthy.  


Keep septic system problems to a minimum by working with the experienced team at Martin’s Septic Service of Milledgeville, GA. For over 15 years, the company has provided reliable septic pumping, maintenance, and repair services throughout Lake Oconee, Lake Sinclair, and the surrounding areas. Call (478) 452-8272 to schedule an appointment or visit the website for additional information about their services. 

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