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3 Signs You're in Need of Concrete Repairs September 6, 2017

Happy Valley, Eddy
3 Signs You're in Need of Concrete Repairs, Happy Valley, New Mexico

Concrete is known to be one of the most durable building materials available, but it doesn’t last forever. At some point, you’ll likely find yourself in need of concrete repair work. The team at MHAT Concrete in Carlsbad, NM, is aware of how it can be difficult to determine when your concrete has only suffered minor cosmetic damage and when it’ s in need of major repairs — so they’ve compiled a few tips below.

When you suspect your concrete has seen better days, here are three signs it’s time for concrete repairs:

  • Unevenness: A common concrete repair issue is when your driveway, or other concrete area, appears uneven. This can be caused by shoddy foundation work when it was installed, or a growing sinkhole directly beneath your concrete. In such cases, contacting a reliable concrete company to inspect it and provide it with the needed repairs is a must. Waiting too long to fix an issue could be a safety hazard and result in your needing to replace your entire patio or driveway. 
  • concrete repairCracks: At first glance, cracks in your concrete might seem like no big deal, especially if they’re small, hairline cracks. But don’t be deceived — even the most minute crack can end up costing you a bundle if left unattended. Cracks allow water to seep into the ground beneath your concrete, causing soil to erode and concrete to crumble. Eventually, if the cracks go unchecked, your driveway or patio could become riddled with dips and potholes.
  • Pooling Water: When it’s installed, concrete needs to be slightly elevated to allow for proper drainage. However, wear and tear over the years or soil degradation may have caused it to drain less effectively. If pools of water appear in the driveway or patio that you’ve never noticed before, it could mean there’s a larger issue at play that calls for concrete repairs.

If you have any of the problems mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals from MHAT Concrete to find a solution. Call (575) 706-7941 or visit them online to learn more about their residential and commercial concrete services. You can also connect with their team on Facebook.

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