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5 Reasons You Need an Auto Body Collision Inspection After an Accident September 13, 2017

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5 Reasons You Need an Auto Body Collision Inspection After an Accident , Ranson, West Virginia

Accidents can be jarring and overwhelming. Once you’ve assessed your safety and that of any others involved, you might be wondering what to do about your car. Experts recommend taking the vehicle to a mechanic for an auto body collision inspection as soon as possible. Read on to find out why. 

5 Benefits of an Auto Body Collision Inspection 

1. Safety 

The most important reason to have your car inspected after an accident is to ensure it’s safe to drive. You might think your vehicle is fine, but not all damage is visible. Internal components could be damaged and cause dangerous malfunctions on the road. Also, essential safety mechanisms like airbags might not be functional after an accident. 

2. Insurance 

Most insurance companies require an auto body collision inspection if you have collision or comprehensive coverage. Providers may discontinue your policy if you aren’t willing to keep the car in good condition. It’s especially important to keep up your insurance coverage if you’re leasing or still making payments. Lenders may require coverage to protect their investment. 

3. Cost Savings 

auto body collision Ranson WVIf you put off post-collision repairs, small or undetected damages could compound into more significant problems. Not only will the repairs be more expensive, but your insurance company may also not cover the costs. For example, if you continue driving for a week after the accident, the provider may argue some of the damage was sustained in a separate incident. Similarly, your policy may not cover collision repairs once a certain amount of time has passed. 

4. Corrosion Prevention 

You might not think collision repair is necessary if only the body of the car was damaged. However, over time, unattended body damage can result in corrosion and rust. Significant corrosion can eventually impact the vehicle’s frame and function. 

5. Car Value 

Immediate repairs are imperative to maintaining the car’s value. No matter the vehicle’s age or make, damage sustained in an accident can considerably decrease its worth. This means you’ll lose a significant chunk of your investment. In some cases, you may not even be able to sell or trade it in. 


For auto body collision inspections you can trust, contact the specialists at Superior Auto Body in Ranson, WV. In business since 1990, this auto repair shop has earned a reputation as one of the area’s most reliable and affordable. The experienced technicians have worked on thousands of vehicles and are ASA and ASI certified and I-CAR trained. Call (304) 725-2900 or visit their website to learn more. 

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