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4 Daily Tasks HHA Training Will Prepare You For September 4, 2017

Richmond Hill, Queens
4 Daily Tasks HHA Training Will Prepare You For, Queens, New York

An HHA training program will prepare you to be a home health aide, but until you’ve actually experienced the average workday, you might not be entirely sure what to expect. Obviously, the daily life of someone in this profession will vary depending on their client. However, there are certain aspects of the job that usually remain consistent. Typically, the tasks highlighted below are involved in your day-to-day responsibilities. 

What Your Average Day Might Look Like After HHA Training

Getting Ready

HHA TrainingYour clients might require help getting out of bed, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and completing all the other daily tasks they can no longer handle independently. It helps to create a checklist for each client, so you can wake up organized and prepared for the day.

Administering Treatment

As a home health aide, you’ll likely have to administer some medical treatment during your day. This could be as simple as making sure your client takes their pills, or as involved as physical therapy exercises. Luckily, your HHA training program will cover a variety of services to ensure you are well-prepared to help your clients.

Providing Meals

Your job might sometimes involve preparing and serving meals. Whenever possible, tailor the daily menu to your client’s nutritional needs. Once meals are over, you should clean the dishes and any areas where food was prepared or consumed.

Daily Tasks

Throughout the day, you’ll also handle any chores your client can’t take on by themselves. This might include tasks like cleaning their home, doing laundry, running errands, or doing yard work.


If you’re considering a job in this field, get in touch with Christine Institute of Vocational Training in Richmond Hill, NY. They offer HHA training and nursing programs designed to provide you with your certification, as well as any essential skills you’ll need to thrive in your career. Contact them online to learn about becoming a student, and call (718) 843-8449 to speak with a helpful representative today.

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