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Understanding Psoriasis' Causes & Triggers August 31, 2017

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Understanding Psoriasis' Causes & Triggers, Hamilton, Ohio

When discussing psoriasis, there are two essential topics to cover: what caused the illness, and what triggers cause episodes. At the office of Louis Luke Barich, MD, in Hamilton, OH, the dermatologist will be happy to discuss both with you. When you have a better understanding of your triggers, it’s easier to prevent flare ups before they start.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Initial Causes

Psoriasis-Hamilton-OHUnfortunately, there is no medical consensus on what causes a person to develop this chronic illness. Most dermatology specialists believe that an immune disorder may be to blame. T cells normally attack infections and diseases, but in psoriasis patients, they may attack healthy skin cells instead. This results in the usual redness and itching.

If you have family members with psoriasis, you’re more likely to develop it yourself. See a dermatologist at the first signs of an episode to learn about treatment options.


There are numerous potential episode triggers. Keeping a journal to track your flare ups can help you more easily identify — and avoid — your own.

That said, many people experience an episode in the wake of an infection, such as strep throat. Skin injuries, or even sunburn, can also act as triggers. Patients should avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol, as these habits have been shown to exacerbate symptoms. It’s also important to reduce stress levels. Patients experiencing high, constant stress are more likely to suffer from an episode, as are individuals who don’t get the proper amount of vitamin D.

Fortunately, with help from a psoriasis specialist, patients with this condition can still live happy, healthy, productive lives. Louis Luke Barich, MD, has been working with patients in the Butler County, OH, region for more than 20 years. He’ll help you limit your symptoms. Contact the office online to learn about becoming a patient or call (513) 863-3555.

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