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5 Key Pieces of Weight Equipment for Strength Training September 13, 2017

Lake Saint Louis, Lake St. Louis
5 Key Pieces of Weight Equipment for Strength Training, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Strength training is key to achieving results from your physical fitness routine. With the right weight equipment in your arsenal, you can make major strides. Team Sims Eastbay in Lake St. Louis, MI, has exactly what you need, whether you’re building a home gym or want to add a few key pieces to your collection.

Here, the company breaks down the different types of equipment available:

1. Dumbbells

Central MO weight equipmentThe dumbbell is a handle with equal weights affixed to each end. There are different types available, including adjustable and fixed weight styles. A modifiable version is a great option if you’re hoping to build up your endurance as you advance, as you can easily add additional weight plates to your bar. Weights vary, running the gamut from a single to hundreds of pounds.

2. Squat Rack

If you’ve ever wished you could squat and build up those glutes with a bit more ease, the squat rack is just what you need. This important piece of weight equipment serves as a spotter as you perform a squat with a dumbbell. Its primary goal is to enhance safety and ensure your body is never poorly positioned during motion, to prevent injury. 

3. Barbells

Think of a barbell as an especially long dumbbell that is ideal for building upper body strength. The lengthy bar features equal, replaceable weights on each end. On average, it can hold up to 200 pounds, but if you’re using an Olympic barbell, it can manage up to 800 pounds of weight.

4. Pull-Up Bar

The pull-up bar is a versatile piece of weight equipment that can make all the difference in your workout journey. Since it hangs from the door, it’s easy to use for a variety of maneuvers, including basic pull-ups and leg raises.

5. Weight Bench

Weight benches are ideal for those who want to work their chests, triceps, abs, and shoulders. Different types accommodate various exercises, but the flat bench is the most popular for its simplicity. Those seeking advanced gym equipment might eventually advance to an Olympic option, equipped with different attachments.

If you want to revamp your workout regimen or are interested in focusing more on strength training, it’s worth investing in weight equipment designed to deliver those results. Team Sims Eastbay offers quality craftsmanship and long-lasting athletic supplies. To learn more about their selection call (573) 268-8359 today to speak with a representative.

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