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River Valley Air Conditioning has expanded their business and is currently operating from two locations. Duane "Tiger" Kramer, the oldest grandson is the general manager of the Needles, CA. branch which covers the tri-state area of California, Arizona and Nevada.

3 Ways Your Air Conditioning System Is Tougher Than You Think September 12, 2017

Needles, San Bernardino
3 Ways Your Air Conditioning System Is Tougher Than You Think, Needles, California

At the end of a long, hot day, you rely on your air conditioning unit to provide relief. After years of use, the unit might not work as well as it used to. However, it might not be due for a replacement yet. According to the experts at River Valley Air Conditioning of Needles, CA, and Kingman, AZ, these devices are built to withstand a wide range of conditions. Here, they share a few ways your air conditioning system stands up to wear and tear.

Has Built-In Weather Protection

The outdoor components of your HVAC system were designed to perform during all seasons, including in harsh desert conditions. Since these systems are enclosed, you don’t have to worry about extreme heat, sun exposure, or dirt interfering and preventing the equipment from cooling your house.

Offers Custom Solutions

air conditioning Kingman AZAir conditioning units can resolve an array of problems including indoor air quality, airflow, and humidity levels. It’s important to select replacement parts that are compatible with each of these functions, especially when choosing an aftermarket cover. Investing in a well-ventilated plywood and plastic model allows air to flow, preventing water damage, corrosion, and electrical and mechanical burnouts.

Adapts to Surge Protection

Storm season can lead to electrical outages and power surges that affect appliances and HVAC equipment. Without proper protection, your air conditioning unit may sustain permanent damage. Although the system might keep working for a brief period, continued use can harm the mechanical components. Installing a surge protector is the easiest way to protect your whole house and prevent expensive electrical problems. Best of all, the air conditioner will keep working the way you expect it to.

If you have questions about maintaining your air conditioning unit and making the most of its capabilities, then count on River Valley Air Conditioning to provide professional advice. Since 1955, this team of heating and cooling experts has been keeping homeowners safe and comfortable. As the largest HVAC staff in the California-Arizona-Nevada area, they’re equipped to serve all major brands and offer 24-hour service. Visit them online or call (760) 326-3020 to learn more about how they can keep you cool.

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