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Do You Need a Trial Lawyer? September 12, 2017

New Braunfels, Comal
Do You Need a Trial Lawyer?, New Braunfels, Texas

A trial lawyer, also called a criminal defense attorney, is your number one ally when you've been charged with a crime. Criminal law is a complex field, and it is impossible to represent yourself as effectively as an experienced attorney can. If you're facing criminal charges, start the process of choosing a trial lawyer today.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Your attorney does more than ask questions in court. When you hire legal representation, you have access to the vast knowledge of a professional who has studied every aspect of the law. This is invaluable in planning your defense and allows your lawyer to coach you on what to say. You'll also have an advocate with you to help you avoid incriminating yourself as you interact with law enforcement officials. Throughout the course of your case, your lawyer will review the actions of the court and prosecution and file motions on your behalf.

How to Find a Good Trial Lawyer

Trial LawyerIf you're facing jail time or other serious penalties, you want the best attorney available to ensure a win. To determine whether one is a good fit for you and your case, there are a few questions you should ask up front. Are they experienced in criminal law? Are they familiar with cases like yours? What is their success rate? What expectations do they have for your case? Will they handle your representation themselves? Listen for realistic answers, sincere interest in your case, and specific information about their record on past cases and their plan for this one.



Ronald D. Zipp Attorney at Law provides representation in criminal, personal injury, and family law cases throughout the New Braunfels, TX, area. If you need a trial lawyer for your upcoming court case, give him a call. You can reach his office at (830) 629-5600 or go online to request a consultation.

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