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Preschool Learning: What Your Child Should Be Practicing & Why It Matters September 7, 2017

Preschool Learning: What Your Child Should Be Practicing & Why It Matters, Ewa, Hawaii

It isn’t always easy to know what your child should be learning in preschool, especially if you are a first-time parent. Although many people are quick to write off the importance of preschool, academic professionals worldwide understand the importance of preschool learning. For more on the topic, here’s a look at what you should expect your child to learn in preschool and why the curriculum matters.

What Preschool Learning Entails

During preschool, your child will explore a wide range of different subjects, including English, mathematics, art, and science. You should expect your child to learn and practice general concepts like colors, the alphabet, and following basic instructions such as getting into a line or listening to the teacher. During preschool, your child will also have the chance to practice working with other students, getting emergency help, and keeping their bodies healthy.

Why the Curriculum Matters

preschool learningPreschool learning is important because it helps students master basic early learning concepts, paving the way for kids to absorb more information in the future. For example, since most preschool facilities work with students to help them to master a schedule, take assessments, and handle the rigors of a normal school day, it makes the transition to kindergarten much easier. Additionally, preschool helps kids to develop some of the neural connections they will use later in life, improving their ability to learn effectively for the long haul.


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