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Printer Tips: 3 Ways to Print Wirelessly From Your Smartphone or Tablet September 5, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Printer Tips: 3 Ways to Print Wirelessly From Your Smartphone or Tablet, Staten Island, New York

In today’s increasingly mobile world, it’s common for people to spend more time using their smartphones for business and personal use than their actual laptops. But while may be migrating away from traditional computers, there is still an incredible use for printers. However, printing from your mobile device isn’t necessarily as simple as connecting a cord to your phone or tablet. Fortunately, Alpha Laser Richmond—a printer repair company on Staten Island, NY—explains there are quite a few ways you can wirelessly send documents to your printer.

Whether you want a high-resolution photo of a social media shot or need copies of those business contracts that just came through on your iPhone®, you should be able to wirelessly print by using:  

  • printerWirelessly Supported Devices: The majority of printers that have come out in the past five years support wireless printing through their own branded software. To find out if your device supports wireless communication, check the user manual, and follow the setup instructions. Some may offer their own mobile apps to organize remote printing, while others feature one-touch Bluetooth® connections.
  • Universal Printing Apps: If you’re not able to get connected through your printer’s built-in solutions, there are a variety of programs and apps out there that work with most makes and models. For example, if you use an iPhone or iPad®, you can use Apple’s AirPrint® to connect devices over the same wireless network. Even if you don’t have an AirPrint-supported printer, you can establish a connection by using third party apps. Google Cloud Print® is another innovate option that allows users to send documents through the cloud to any internet-connected device.
  • E-mail Your Printer: If mobile apps and third-party software aren’t for you, you might also see if your printer can receive documents through a dedicated e-mail address. To use this option, all you have to do is e-mail an attachment to the address associated with your printer. The cool thing about this option is you don’t always have to be located near the equipment to send your files.

If you’re having trouble connecting to a wirelessly supported device, there may be an issue with the printer software or physical equipment. For help troubleshooting connectivity issues, Alpha Laser Richmond offers comprehensive repairs to get your system up and running. Working with all major consumer and commercial products, this company can provide fast and reliable fixes to customers on Staten Island, NY. Visit them online to learn more about their repair, ink cartridge, and laser toner services, or call (718) 317-1263 to request a convenient appointment.  

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