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3 Reasons to Love Indian Hair September 15, 2017

Flatbush, Brooklyn
3 Reasons to Love Indian Hair, Brooklyn, New York

For many years, styling, cutting, and coloring were the most common ways to change how your hair looks. Recently, weaves, wigs, and extensions have become more popular, especially when they’re made with thick, healthy Indian hair. According to the staff at True Indian Hair in New York City, these products not only give you a lush, full look, but they are also as versatile as your natural locks. Here, they offer three reasons you’ll love their products.

1. Offers Variety

Indian hair extensions are available in a wide range of deep browns and near-black shades, as well as a variety of textures. You can choose products that match your natural color and texture or find one that lets you create your ideal look. You can also cut and style the products just like your own hair, making the add-ins look seamless.

2. Withstands Styling

Indian hair Brooklyn NYIf you style with heat, you need hair extensions that will retain their appearance. Natural Indian hair is strong enough to stand up to daily styling, whether you want to curl it, straighten it, or braid it. Since these pieces use genuine human hair, they won’t fade or develop an artificial sheen like synthetic products. These wigs, weaves, and extensions are made to last, saving you money in the long term.

3. Creates Length & Volume

While many people associate extensions with length, they can also be used to make hair look fuller. Indian hair is naturally dense, giving you the appearance of luxurious locks. Whether you use clip-in extensions or a sewn-in weave, you’ll see the glamorous results instantly.

True Indian Hair is New York City’s choice for authentic Indian hair products. With locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, they offer a wide array of colors, lengths, and textures, and their experienced staff will work help you find something you love. Call (718) 221-0181 to reach the Flatbush store, (718) 262-8231 to reach the Jamaica store, or (917) 265-8588 to reach the Manhattan store. Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their selection.