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3 Reasons Why Auto Service Is Necessary for Winter September 7, 2017

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3 Reasons Why Auto Service Is Necessary for Winter, Stamford, Connecticut

When the cold months arrive, it can put extra stress on your car, upping the likelihood of accidents and injuries. To protect both you and your vehicle, it’s important to schedule auto service before the temperature drops too much. Based in Stamford, CT, Harbor View Auto Sales has become known as the region’s top car repair shop. Providing everything from tire rotations to oil changes, these experts will help you get your vehicle in shape for winter. 

Here is a rundown of why auto service is imperative for winter driving: 

  • auto serviceCharge Your Car Battery: When winter comes, the cold weather can have an adverse effect on your car battery. Even if it has a solid amount of charge left, the cold can cause it to abruptly go dead. To prevent your car from stopping suddenly on the road, it’s smart to have your battery fully charged, so you don’t have to worry. 
  • Inflate Your Tires Properly: In addition to cold temperatures, the cold months bring sleet and snow, which can make the roads slippery to drive on. When your tires are underinflated, it becomes harder to get traction and maintain control on wet roads. Instead of risking an accident, it’s imperative to add the right amount of pressure to your tires and give yourself maximum control. 
  • Adjust Your Oil: Just like you will feel the winter chill, your motor oil will be affected by the cold as well. The lower temperatures tend to make oil extra thick, reducing its ability to lubricate your engine. Ineffective motor oil will lead to increased friction in your engine, deteriorating the internal parts and causing them to overheat. To solve the issue, an auto service center will supply you with a specialized motor oil that can handle the cold. 

Before it gets too cold, head over to Harbor View Auto Sales for auto service. You can speak to a friendly staff member by calling (203) 588-2307. Learn more about the auto repair center by visiting their website

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