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Series 1, Part 7: Will a Galvanized or Galvannealed Door Frame Corrode? February 27, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 1, Part 7: Will a Galvanized or Galvannealed Door Frame Corrode?, Brighton, Michigan

Previously, Brighton, MI-based Door Innovation defined just how much corrosion is too much for your commercial door frame. Though they suggested using their patented jamb patch kit to remedy, you may have gone looking for additional solutions. If so, you probably encountered the phrase “galvanized and galvannealed steel.”  

The Question: Will a Galvanized or Galvannealed Door Frame Corrode?

Galvanized steel has been coated with zinc on two sides by a continuous hot-dip. The galvanizing process causes the zinc to adhere tightly to the steel and form an iron-zinc alloy. Galvannealed steel, on the other hand, is both galvanized and annealed. After it is coated with zinc, it passes through an air knife and an annealing furnace. Together, these additional steps create a zinc-iron alloy. So, what does this mean for corrosion and your commercial door frame?

The Answer: No, It Won’t Rust or Corrode! 

jamb patchThe zinc found in both galvanized and galvannealed steel forms an impervious barrier that protects the innermost structure from moisture, UV rays, cleaning solvents, and other corrosive materials. This safeguard is also long-lasting. In fact, a 2011 study by the American Galvanizers Association found that, under specific circumstances, galvanized steel had a service life of nearly 300 years.

Thus, business owners of all industries could benefit from galvanized or galvannealed steel. But, chances are, you already have commercial door frames. So instead of paying to remove and replace each structure, opt for Door Innovation’s jamb patch. It too is made from a high-quality galvannealed steel, allowing it to withstand the elements and protect your property from contamination and energy loss for years to come.

Next time, Door Innovation will conclude the first installment of their three-part series on corroded metal door frames by tackling one last metal: stainless steel. Until then, you can visit them online for more on commercial door frame repair and replacement. To order your jamb patch kit, call (517) 518-8979.