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What to Look for When Choosing a Day Care for Babies September 13, 2017

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What to Look for When Choosing a Day Care for Babies, Concord, North Carolina

Finding high-quality day care for babies can be challenging for parents.  In addition to the safety regulations required by law, several important criteria should be met to ensure your infant or new toddler is mentally stimulated by nurturing caregivers and age appropriate activities. It can be a difficult decision to place your baby in a child care center, but it helps when you feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the best facility for your family. 

Day Care for Babies: How to Choose the Best Child Care Center

Kindness & Responsiveness

Day Care for BabiesWhen you visit the child care provider, pay close attention to the atmosphere and the mood of the caregivers and children. Is it a happy place with warm voices and lively activity, or is the staff hurried and frantic in their attempts to corral the little ones? Are babies held lovingly and soothed while they’re crying? Does the staff talk to children respectfully and look the children in the eye? Do they get on a child’s level to answer questions and play? How do the tots respond to the staff?

Designated Separate Area

Does the center provide plenty of age appropriate books, puzzles, and toys encouraging development? Is there a separate nursery area for infants? Babies can often sleep long hours during the day and need a quiet resting space away from the older children. Make sure your baby is comfortable in the environment.

Staff Availability 

How many adults are trained to care for the infants? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for one adult to be present for every three infants under 24 months. This policy enables babies to receive the individual attention they need throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to stop in unannounced during the afternoon to check out how many caregivers are working and what’s going on. Trust your intuition, and look for a new center if things don’t feel right.

Good Rapport

How is the communication level between you and the child care staff? Do you get along with the director, teacher, and the aides caring for your child? Does the day care center consistently and effectively communicate with parents? Do they offer weekly or monthly emails or newsletters to update you on your child’s developmental progress or policy changes at the center?


When you’re ready to find a day care for babies, contact the experienced and caring professionals at McGill Child Development Center in Cabarrus County, NC. They offer safe and structured early childhood education for infants and children from six weeks to age five. Call (704) 786-6015 to schedule an appointment with the director, and visit them online for more information about their excellent day care services.

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