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What Does a Dry Cleaning Service Do? September 4, 2017

Kips Bay, Manhattan
What Does a Dry Cleaning Service Do?, Manhattan, New York

If you’ve ever ruined a favorite garment by ignoring the ‘dry clean only’ label, you know the importance of following instructions. But, what does a dry cleaning service do? And if it’s really ‘dry’ how do the clothes get cleaned? Mr. Anthony Cleaners, of New York, NY, explains the whole dry cleaning process below.

Before the process begins, the dry cleaning service checks all clothing for items left in the pockets. If any items are overlooked, they could dissolve during the process and ruin the clothes. The clothes are also checked for stains and any found are pre-treated with spotting solvents, soaking, or other stain removal methods.

Then, clothes are run through the machine. The term ‘dry cleaning’ is used because the process doesn’t use any water, but there is a solvent fluid that the clothes are washed in. The dry-cleaning machine acts like a combined residential clothes washer and dryer.

Dry Cleaning ServicesThe clothes are placed in the basket of the machine which then fills about a third of the way full of solvent. The temperature is kept at about 86 degrees (F) to protect the clothes. The washer agitates the clothes so the solvent can dissolve and remove all the impurities. This part of the cycle only lasts about 12 to 15 minutes.

All the solvent is drained from the clothes and a freshly distilled solvent is added to remove what debris are left clinging to the clothes. Then, the solvent is drained again by spinning the basket. Many dry cleaning machines can extract 99% of the solvent to be distilled and reused in the next cycle. This prevents unnecessary waste and pollution.

Then, the clothes are tumble-dried with warm air to evaporate the remainder of the solvent. Even this little amount of the solvent is recondensed within the machine and reused in the next cycle. The clothes are then deodorized with cool air during the aeration stage of the cycle. Finally, the cleaned and dried clothes are ready to be pressed and finished.

If you’re looking for a quality dry cleaning service you can trust with your favorite clothes, Mr. Anthony Cleaners has the integrity and expertise you need. Not only do they provide quality dry cleaning, but they also offer laundry drop off and pick up services. Contact them today at (212) 689-8689 and visit their website to learn more.