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4 Benefits of Using Gas Heating in Your Home August 29, 2017

Smith Hill, Providence
4 Benefits of Using Gas Heating in Your Home, Providence, Rhode Island

There are many ways to heat your home, but gas heating continues to stand above other options like coal and oil burning or even using electricity. In fact, those who convert to gas are often pleasantly surprised at the number of ways this resource outperforms the rest. When you select natural gas and a high-efficiency gas appliance to keep you and your family warm during the winter, you can expect to reap the following benefits.

Top 4 Perks of Using Gas Heating

1. Cost-Effective

Typically, gas heating appliances are less expensive to operate than electrical appliances, and many homeowners can actually cut their home heating bill in half when they swap from electricity to natural gas. At present, it is also a much more efficient resource than renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and biofuels.

2. Dependable

When the power goes out in the winter, you’ll have to make due with multiple layers of clothing if all you have is electric heating. However, a gas heat installation will work during these outages, so you can stay toasty even if you don’t have lights.

3. Energy Efficient

gas heating greater providence riNot only do gas appliances heat your home faster than electrical ones, but they use less energy while doing it. According to natural-gas distributor Alagasco, only 10% of energy is lost as natural gas is transferred through the pipeline to your home; whereas, up to 70% of energy has already been lost by the time you turn on an electrical appliance.  

4. Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is one of the cleanest heating options available in this country. When burned, it produces less carbon dioxide than either coal, oil, or even wood. It also combusts more efficiently, resulting in far less carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, dissolved solids, and other harmful airborne particulates that could hurt people or animals.  


If you’d like to make the switch to natural gas heating before the cold weather starts to arrive, contact Driver’s Plumbing & Mechanical Inc., today. They serve the Greater Providence area in Rhode Island and specialize in oil-to-gas conversions and high-efficiency gas heat installations. For more information about their services, call (401) 272-5851. You can also view some of their past installations by visiting their website.

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