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Can Coffee Affect Weight Control? September 25, 2017

Watchung, Somerset
Can Coffee Affect Weight Control?, Watchung, New Jersey

For many, mornings are synonymous with a hot, steaming mug of coffee. The caffeine boost it provides is precious for those who need to jumpstart their day, but did you know that some people also drink coffee for weight control?

NutriMost Watchung, Somerset County, NJ’s leading nutritionist and weight loss service program, shares that coffee’s benefits aren’t quite so black and white. They have listed out the effects that your daily cup can have when you want to reduce belly fat.

Caffeine consumption can increase metabolism and be an aid in weight loss programs. As an appetite suppressant, caffeine helps to reduce feelings of hunger and curtail your desire to eat for short periods of time. Caffeine might increase energy use even when the body is resting, which helps burn fat.

weight controlDowning a cup of your favorite brew before hitting the gym might improve your workout. Scientists at the University of Georgia found that consuming a cup of coffee before exercising minimizes post-workout muscle pain by nearly 50%. By making it easier to work out, you’ll be able to exercise longer and more frequently, boosting the amount of calories torched per session.

Keep in mind that caffeine’s negative effects on sleep can also impact a weight loss program. Coffee is a stimulant, and downing too many cups in a day can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is linked to lower metabolic rates and weight gain, so make sure that you don’t go overboard with your favorite morning beverage.

For more nutritional advice to help you reduce belly fat and achieve healthy weight loss, turn to the experts at NutriMost Watchung. They have helped countless clients in Central New Jersey achieve their health goals and maintain weight control with their innovative NutriMost System. Head online or call (908) 279-7740 to learn more about their effective weight loss programs.

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