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Early Childhood Education Experts Discuss 3 Clues Your Child May Need Speech Therapy September 8, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
Early Childhood Education Experts Discuss 3 Clues Your Child May Need Speech Therapy, St. Charles, Missouri

Kids acquire speech and language skills at different rates, making it difficult for parents to determine whether their child’s progress is normal or showing signs of a delay. According to the early childhood education experts at Great Beginnings, the leading child care facility in St. Charles and Cottleville, MO, there are a few signs parents can watch out for to help them decide whether their child would benefit from professional support. Below, they discuss the clearest indications that your child is a good candidate for speech therapy.

1. Unintelligible or Limited Vocabulary

By the time your child turns 3, you should be able to understand most of what they’re saying. However, it’s just as important to make sure other people comprehend them as well. During their toddler years, children’s vocabularies grow quickly, especially as they meet people outside their immediate family. If you notice your child isn’t using a wide range of words or is frequently misunderstood, a speech therapist can help them expand and improve their vocabulary.

2. Pronunciation Difficulties

early childhood education St. Charles MOVowels and certain consonants, such as M, N, P, Y, H, B, D, and W, are usually easy for kids to master as they practice their language skills. If your child is having trouble pronouncing vowels and consonants correctly, they may be experiencing a delay in their speech development. Early childhood education specialists recommend practicing the sounds of these letters before trying to build words.

3. Minimal Interaction With Others

Social interaction is a major part of child development. If your child struggles to communicate with their peers or relies mostly on hand gestures, this may be evidence of their inability to convey their needs and wants or understand what others are saying. A speech therapist will evaluate your child’s abilities to develop a treatment plan that boosts their confidence and encourages them to socialize.

Knowing when your child should reach certain speech and language milestones will help you understand whether they are progressing appropriately. Speech therapy is an effective solution for children who need help building their communication skills. The early childhood education specialists at Great Beginnings will provide stimulating activities that help your child practice their newly acquired language skills. To learn more about enrollment, call the St. Charles learning center at (636) 724-5048. You can reach their Cottleville location by calling (636) 447-4212. Visit them online to learn more about the programs they offer. 

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