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Why Test Drives Are Important When Buying New & Used Cars September 14, 2017

Shippan, Stamford
Why Test Drives Are Important When Buying New & Used Cars, Stamford, Connecticut

Whether you're buying a new or used car, you need to know you're getting exactly what you want before you leave the dealership. It was just a few years ago that Time reported on a trend that saw fewer consumers trying their cars before buying, but test drives are just as important as ever. Before you head out to select your next vehicle, take a moment to understand why you should always give it a spin before purchasing. 

Getting a Handle on Your Potential Purchase

New Cars

Even if you're purchasing a brand you're familiar with, there's always room for a test drive. Different years and models make a major difference, so it's worth taking a moment to get used to the handling. You can also use the test driving opportunity to check out all the included and optional features, make sure there's enough space inside, and generally feel out whether or not this particular car will suit your needs. 

Used Cars

used carUsed cars introduce a whole slew of unique reasons for a test drive, starting with an overall assessment of the vehicle's performance. This is your chance to follow up on questions at the used car dealership and see for yourself how the car stacks up to its listing. Test for any performance hiccups that might only rear their head at higher speeds, make sure the transmission shifts smoothly, and check that the brakes and other crucial components are in top operating condition. 

Remember, cars depreciate significantly the moment they leave the lot. That means you need a vehicle you can depend on for the long haul, so don't forego a test drive the next time you're at a dealership. 


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