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New Products in at Garden of Eden! January 18, 2015

Union Square, Manhattan
New Products in at Garden of Eden!, Manhattan, New York

New Product alert at Garden of Eden!

If you are looking for a nutrient-rich, gluten free, protein-packed alternative to your average granola, puffed quinoa is the number one choice. Made with a mix of fresh huckleberries and berries and paired with indulgent yet healthy dark chocolate, our Jansal Valley Quinoa Granola is a nutritious alternative to sugary snacks full of empty calories. Chock full of iron, Omega-3s and fiber, quinoa granola is the perfectly complement to plain yogurt or ice cream that needs a healthy boost. If you find yourself feeling peckish in the afternoon or in need of a mid-morning pick me up, Jansal Valley Quinoa Granola has got you covered.