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3 Outstanding Attributes of Porcelain Tile September 12, 2017

Lihue, Kauai
3 Outstanding Attributes of Porcelain Tile, Lihue, Hawaii

When you’re considering a new floor for your kitchen or bathroom, it can be difficult choosing the right surface. Due to high moisture and spills, only a few types of materials will survive there. The best and most durable option is porcelain tile, which is easy to install, maintain, and clean.

Below are three great benefits that come with porcelain tile: 

  • Easy to Maintain: Basic chores, such as sweeping and mopping, are the only necessary maintenance work. Spills won’t cause lasting damage, as they can be easily blotted up by a rag. Your tile also will look brand-new and pristine years after its installation. 
  • porcelain tileHighly Durable: Because it is so hard, porcelain can withstand forceful collisions. Fallen silverware, broken dishes, and even toppled chairs will not affect porcelain tiles, which is one reason why they’re perfect for kitchens. With their impressive longevity, it will be decades before you need to consider a new floor. 
  • Repels Liquid: Even in areas with high water volumes like kitchens and bathrooms, porcelain tile can easily repel liquids. The material is so dense that it is nearly impossible for any liquid to penetrate the surface. The tile is even stain resistant, retaining its original beauty after many drips and spills.


The next time you’re looking to refloor your bathroom or kitchen, choose the gorgeous porcelain tile options from Pacific Tile Imports in Lihue, HI. These bathroom and kitchen experts have become Kauai’s leading source of all things tile. You can speak to a courteous staff representative by calling (808) 245­-1765. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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