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Event Planners Agree: What Really Makes or Breaks Events October 4, 2017

East Norwich, Oyster Bay
Event Planners Agree: What Really Makes or Breaks Events, Oyster Bay, New York

There’s nothing more important for your event than the venue you choose. It dictates what you can and can’t do, and as such, needs to fit each of your parameters. How big do you want your event to be? What date will it be scheduled for? What do you plan on doing? Does it need security? Richie Hart Events recommends you be able to answer all of these questions before starting the search. Straight from the minds of some of the greatest event planners out there, here’s a basic venue selection walkthrough from Richie Hart Events.

Event Basics

Event PlannerFirst, you need to have a clear picture of the scale, feel, and availability of your venue. You probably already know why you’re throwing the party. Consider that alongside how many people you wish to attend, then think of an appropriate time. You wouldn’t want a corporate event to start at 10 PM, and it’s hard to imagine a bachelor’s party that involves breakfast. These parameters will take most of your options out of the way, leaving you able to decide based on specifics.


Now that you’ve figured out everywhere you could hold your event, move on to where it would make the most sense. It’s especially important at this stage to speak with an event planner. They’ll bring up important considerations. For example: does your event involve alcohol? Does the venue have a permit? Does it provide security in case things get out of control? If so, does the event provide the proper insurance? Events are full of moving parts: be sure to have them down before venue hunting. Other factors will vary with the scope of your event: does it have staff? What’s their training? Do they have any specialty skills, like bartending or first aid? Are they flexible enough to handle problems on the fly? Imagine the venue itself is the skeleton of the event — the logistics are the muscle. They keep it together and moving.


Skeleton, muscle… the specifics are like the appearance. What do you want the event to look like? A corporate event isn’t a corporate event without lounge furniture. What wedding doesn’t have wedding entertainment? Most places don’t include those things. This last stage is about finding the venue that will best handle you adding them. Consider the venue’s electricals. How fast they can prepare and serve food. The structure of the room — would the room’s appearance tolerate the addition of a stage or runway? After all this narrowing, it’s rare you end up with more than one option.

You need to know what you want to choose a venue. To know what you want, you need a plan — the best plans are professional. From event planners to find your venue to lighting, lounge furniture, and décor to fill it up, Richie Hart Events has you covered. Enlist one of the most respected names in event production for a night nobody will forget. Call Richie Hart Events today at (516) 802-3655 or visit their website to find out just how good your event can be.

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