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NYC Personal Trainers' New Promotional Video: What It Features & How It Builds Motivation September 1, 2017

SoHo, Manhattan
NYC Personal Trainers' New Promotional Video: What It Features & How It Builds Motivation , Manhattan, New York

Even with the many benefits regular trips to the gym provides, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get moving. That’s why our staff at J Train in New York City is excited to introduce potential gym-goers and current clients to our personal trainers’ new promotional video. The footage highlights our creative vision while demonstrating our trainers’ sculpted physiques as they practice strength training — providing the encouragement needed to improve your mind, body, and spirit. 



How J Train’s New Promotional Video Features Our Personal Trainers 

Why It’s Designed to Build Motivation

personal trainerWhether you want to burn fat, strengthen your core, improve athleticism, or build muscle, sometimes all it takes to become motivated is seeing others achieve their fitness goals. Using low lighting in a sparsely furnished room, the video pulls focus to our personal trainers’ muscle definition in their abs, legs, and arms, showing the results hard work and dedication will yield. 

How It Familiarizes You With Our Staff

One of the main objectives of the video is to put our creative vision on full display. We believe that with discipline and commitment, workouts can be highly enjoyable. Set to upbeat music, all of the trainers are shown practicing their skills on yoga balls, elliptical machines, weights, and jump ropes. This footage showcases our team while familiarizing you with their abilities. Once you get to J Train, you will feel more comfortable in our welcoming, nurturing, fun environment having watched the video introduction. 

Don’t wait to book a consultation! To schedule an appointment at our New York City studio and learn more about our holistic approach to maintaining optimal health, call (212) 255-2570 today. One of our knowledgeable team members is standing by to introduce you to the many ways our personal trainers will help you live a more active, healthy lifestyle by tailoring a fitness program to your needs. Don’t forget to check out all we have to offer online, and follow us on Instagram to see the latest happenings at the facility.


By J Train