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Teen Driving: A Guide for Parents September 6, 2017

Delta, Fulton
Teen Driving: A Guide for Parents, Delta, Ohio

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for every teenager. However, parents are understandably nervous about letting their kids behind the wheel. The dangers of teen driving can be alarming, but don’t let your fears stifle your teenager’s independence. By following a few simple tips, you can relax and let your teen take the wheel.

Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Teen Driving

Set Your Teen Up for Driving Success 

teen drivingTo establish good habits from the start, choose a reputable driving school. Behind-the-wheel training is mandatory before a teen receives a license, and it’s worth the cost of hiring an experienced instructor for these lessons. Professional instructors are up to date with the latest traffic laws, and they also understand the dangers that come with teen driving. They can help your child understand and avoid these perils, while providing feedback on their driving in a nonjudgmental way.

Remain Calm

When you’re in the car with your teen, it’s hard not to be anxious and on edge. Of course, be vigilant for any danger they might not be paying attention to, but resist the urge to be overly critical or shout at your teen while they’re driving. This will just make them nervous, which can break their focus and lead to distracted driving. Your teen will respond better to a calm passenger who provides positive feedback.

Let Them Practice

No skill is mastered without practice. Provide your teen with a safe, reliable vehicle, and let them drive as much as possible with you in the car. From short, local trips to longer highway cruises, it’s important to let your teen drive in different types of traffic and road conditions. Don’t forget to have them practice parking, as well. The more hours your teen spends driving, the better they will become.


If your teen is ready to start training, the professional instructors at Key Driving School in Delta, OH, can provide them with a solid foundation of safe, responsible habits. Their experienced driving instructors offer hands-on courses as well as private tutoring and drop-in conferences. Call (800) 952-3748 for the class schedule, or visit their website to learn more about their teen driving classes.

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