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When You Woke Up Feeling Good October 23, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
When You Woke Up Feeling Good, Manhattan, New York

Restlessness has one advantage: it teaches you the value of sleep. Back when you used to wake up, stretch, and drink coffee because you enjoyed it — not because you had to — others would never complain of your snoring. Dr. Leonard Kundel thinks they might be onto something.

An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. This condition causes the airways to shut when the affected individual sleeps, impeding their nighttime breathing. Its consequences are far-reaching: lack of oxygen at night severely impacts sleep quality and length, leading to daytime drowsiness, irritability, and confusion. Acute loss causes many patients to awaken with headaches, as well. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options available for the condition.

CPAP Machine

This Leonard Kundelis a common solution in both traditional and holistic dentistry. A CPAP machine pumps air into a mask, which the patient wears at night. This mask creates positive pressure in the patient’s airways, keeping them full as they breathe while asleep. For a CPAP machine to truly combat one’s sleep apnea, it must be worn consistently — some patients find themselves unwilling to wear a mask to sleep every night. This has more people switching to holistic dentistry’s appliance therapy.

Appliance Therapy

Holistic dentistry correctly identifies that some breathing problems start in the mouth itself. Oral appliances can be used to fight these issues. Dr. Leonard Kundel’s oral appliances are designed to encourage proper oral posture — tongue on the roof of the mouth, lips sealed, and breathing through the nose. With the tongue on the roof of the mouth, out of the airway, the patient is given more space to breathe and the throat becomes less prone to collapse. In many cases, this resolves the patient’s sleep apnea.

Lifestyle Changes

No matter if you’ve opted for appliance or CPAP therapy, Dr. Leonard Kundel recommends supplementing your treatment with lifestyle changes. This is the key to making lasting changes. Some sleep apnea can be cured by the patient losing weight. Excess weight can cause the soft tissues in the airway to fall back when the patient breathes at night — the snoring sound occurs when the soft tissue vibrates against the bottom of the throat. Other lifestyle risk factors include drinking and smoking. Drinking four hours before sleeping, aside from hurting sleep quality overall, increases the chance of sleep apnea.

As a practitioner of holistic dentistry, Dr. Leonard Kundel can detect and treat all sleep apnea related to the mouth. If you or your loved one have sought treatment at practice after practice and the sleep apnea still won’t budge, holistic dentistry might be your hidden answer. See what Dr. Kundel can do for you or your loved one by calling (203) 487-6020 or visiting his website today.

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