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3 Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips You Need to Know September 7, 2017

Honolulu, Oahu
3 Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips You Need to Know, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hardwood floors add elegance to any home. However, their beauty can be threatened by hard materials, water, and spills. Keep your flooring looking like new with proper upkeep and maintenance. To help, Flooring Specialists in Honolulu, HI, shares their top tips.

By taking the necessary steps, you can improve the longevity and look of your hardwood floors. Here are three tips to keep in mind:

  • hardwood flooringDon't Clean With Water: Your hardwood floors are weakened by moisture, and enough water can warp the panels entirely. Avoid all cleaning agents that are water-based or contain citrus or silicon. Instead, find a wood cleaner at your local home store. Keep in mind that these chemical cleaners should only be used once a month. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming is enough to keep most hardwood floors clean.

  • Keep Pets Trimmed: The claws of your pets can scratch your wood surface. Do your best to keep their nails trimmed short. In wet weather, wipe their paws dry with a towel after they come in from the rain. Consistent brushing and washing will keep hair and dirt from soiling the floors as well.

  • Use Furniture Pads: You can find felt stick-on furniture pads at most hardware stores—buy a package with enough stickers to use on every leg of your furniture, and keep extras in case you need to replace a few. Whenever someone pulls their chair out from the kitchen table, the felt lining will protect your floors from scratching. Focus on lifting your furniture whenever it’s moved instead of sliding—this will also reduce stress on your flooring. 

By adhering to these three simple tips, your hardwood flooring will maintain its glossy, pristine look. If you need a professional flooring contractor for floor sanding or refinishing, choose the team at Flooring Specialists. For more information, visit their website or call (808) 842-7755 today. You can also find the company on Facebook.

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