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What Holistic Dentistry Really Means October 16, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
What Holistic Dentistry Really Means , Manhattan, New York

Think about a pack-a-day smoker, tempting cancer. This neglect will call for an extremely costly, invasive procedure that will wreak havoc upon his wellbeing. Should he stay his course, knowing that he is likely to ultimately survive the procedure, or replace his smoking with cardiovascular exercise? Holistic dentistry would maintain that the cancer is not the sole issue: the lung environment, toxified, neglected, and cancer-fertile, is. Understanding of relationships between different parts of the body and prevention of poor health is the goal of Dr. Leonard Kundel’s holistic dentistry. These are its three principles.

Whole-Body Approach

Dr.Leonard Kundel Leonard Kundel’s holistic dentistry looks beyond pains and decay sites for the incorrect conditions that spawned them. There is more than pain and discoloration to gum disease, for example. Weakness of the immune system contributes to gum disease. The immune system is weakened by poor respiration — and breathing is hurt by poor oral posture. By keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth, the lips sealed and breath through the nose, the airways are allowed to expand, increasing the patient’s overall wellbeing, and the mouth and face grow fuller, creating space for all of the teeth. This reduces later tooth pain, the need for removals, and the disorderly teeth that so require braces.

Educated Lifestyle

Dr. Leonard Kundel is known for breaking down problems and treatments in dentistry to each of his patients. This serves two purposes. First, by allowing the patient to control their treatment, Dr. Kundel eliminates the need for fear and unease. They will know exactly what each procedure entails and why it is necessary — and if they have any residual unease, they can opt for sedation dentistry, waking up after the procedure is complete. Patient education typically eliminates the need for such procedures, however. Proper habits are disease preventative. Dr. Kundel helps his patients reach an in-depth understanding of holistic dentistry, allowing them to stop infections, pain, and other oral issues before they’re given a chance to sprout.


Holistic dentistry provides a more effective, less risky approach than frequent operation. Frequent cutting and re-arranging will not improve the patient’s overall health. Invasive procedures are used only when absolutely necessary, as they can put the body through undue stress. If holistic health is maintained, these invasive procedures will rarely be necessary.

Holistic dentistry really means overall health. It means good habits, proper guidance by a qualified dentist, and awareness of the system of relationships between the different parts of your mouth. Start caring for your whole mouth — not just the parts that hurt. Call Dr. Leonard Kundel today at (203) 487-6020 or visit his website to schedule your consultation.

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