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Tips for Reducing Back & Neck Pain on Flights September 13, 2017

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Tips for Reducing Back & Neck Pain on Flights, Archdale, North Carolina

Air travel isn’t the most comfortable way to get from Point A to Point B, especially if you’re prone to back and neck pain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a more efficient and ergonomic travel option. 

If you have a flight coming up and you’d like to reduce your discomfort this time around, consider the following tips, courtesy of Stroud Chiropractic, in Archdale, NC. Their chiropractors know how to keep you comfortable in all settings.

On a plane, make sure you remember these points:

  • Neck-Pain-Archdale-NCGet in Contact: First of all, if you suffer from sever back pain or neck pain due to an injury or illness, contact the airline ahead of time and let them know. They may be able to make special accommodations, like providing you with assistance while boarding, or offering you a seat with more room to spread out in.
  • Use a Pillow: Before your flight, buy a pillow designed specifically to limit back or neck pain. If you forget to do so, a rolled up towel will also suffice. Use it throughout the flight to provide extra support to the part of your body where you’re most likely to experience discomfort.
  • Adjust Your Posture: It’s easy to neglect proper posture during an airplane ride. The problem is, doing so tends to result in back and neck pain. Throughout the flight, be conscious of sitting up straight and breathing into your abdomen.
  • Pack Medicine: Don’t forget to purchase over-the-counter pain medicine before getting on board. Usually this will be easy to find at the airport if you forget to bring it yourself. Worst case scenario, you need an ibuprofen or similar medication to help you get through the flight without experiencing major neck or back pain.

If you’ve returned from a flight that left you feeling uncomfortable, schedule an appointment at Stroud Chiropractic, in Archdale, NC. They’ll restore your mobility and sense of overall comfort. Contact them online, or call (336) 434-2107.

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