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Mechanical or Fixed Blade: Which Broadhead Works Best for Crossbows? September 11, 2017

Belleville, Essex County
Mechanical or Fixed Blade: Which Broadhead Works Best for Crossbows?, Belleville, New Jersey

When it comes to bowhunting, your equipment matters. When debating which broadheads work best for crossbows, hunters often bring factors such as arrow speed, weight, and game type into the conversation. However, the biggest debate is which broadheads are the best to use: fixed blade or mechanical. To make the decision easier, Bullet Hole Annex in Belleville, NJ, breaks down the difference between the two types.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

With fixed blade broadheads, the cutting edge is always exposed, which is why they’re also named cut-on-contact blades. Shooters rely more on strength than flight performance when it comes to these arrows. The blade is balanced to support the entire length of the arrow, and its non-moving parts make the design simpler. This blade is more likely to stand up to the impact of hitting a rib or a shoulder bone, meaning you won’t break as many arrows.

Mechanical Broadheads

crossbowsIn contrast with the less accurate fixed blade broadheads, the design of mechanical models prevents wind from catching the blades and taking the arrow off of its path. This results in a faster shot that flies straight and true. Since there is either little or no exposed blade surface during flight, these blade tips cut through the air with virtually no aerodynamic drag. This allows the fletching to steer the arrow’s direction, making it easier to control. However, it also makes the head more fragile, resulting in less killing efficiency for the shooter.

If you have questions about the right broadhead for your crossbow and shooting style, turn to the experts at Bullet Hole Annex. This company takes pride in being a one-stop shop for local archers. Brush up on your shooting skills at their indoor archery range or sign up for instructional classes if you’re just starting out. Learn more about their product offerings online or by calling (973) 759-8800.

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