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Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Kitchen Remodeling September 7, 2017

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Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Kitchen Remodeling, Newburgh, New York

Whether you need better organization or want an upscale design, there are many reasons for pursuing a kitchen remodeling project. However, there’s more to an excellent transformation than just staying on top of trends–the results should also improve your quality of life. When you step into your existing space, consider if the following are in line with your needs. 

5 Reasons Behind Kitchen Remodeling Projects

1. Enhanced Functionality

kitchen remodelingRemodeling lets you add features that can make your time in the kitchen more convenient. For instance, you can compartmentalize your layout by creating separate workstations for cooking, eating, and cleaning up. You can incorporate lighting fixtures, add an extra sink, or install vertical shelves to improve storage and organization.  

2. Increased Energy Savings

Outdated appliances lack style as well as energy efficiency. Modern devices, on the other hand, have smart features that make them easier to use and require less power to operate. New refrigerators with the Energy Star® logo use 15% less energy than older models.

3. Added Home Value

Based on the 2017 national data for remodeling projects, a minor kitchen upgrade can yield up to 80.2% return on investment. To gain more value, pay close attention to maximizing the size of the space, painting the cabinets, installing new countertops, and adding eco-friendly appliances.

4. Boosted Vitality

The materials that make up your kitchen can deteriorate over a period. Your cabinets may start to wear out, and your wall’s paint may fade. A remodel can bring your kitchen back to life, making it an environment friends and family love to be in. 

5. Focused on Lifestyle

Remodeling your kitchen lets you arrange the design and layout to accommodate your current requirements. Perhaps you need a bigger space to accommodate a growing family. Or, maybe you want a freestanding island to make cooking more convenient. Having a kitchen that matches your lifestyle should be one of your biggest motivators for remodeling.

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