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3 Things You Should Do After Getting a DUI September 11, 2017

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3 Things You Should Do After Getting a DUI, Charles Town, West Virginia

Most drivers charged with a DUI probably never imagined it would happen to them, however, it’s always a possibility if you choose to drink and get behind the wheel. Being arrested for driving under the influence can be frightening and confusing, especially if it’s your first time.

Knowing what steps to take in the aftermath can make a crucial difference in the outcome of your case and the outlook on your future. The defense lawyers at James T. Kratovil Law Offices are available to provide Charles Town, WV, residents with the professional counsel they need in difficult legal matters.

Below, they explain what you should do following a DUI arrest:

Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

It’s important to consider hiring a DUI attorney as soon as charges have been filed against you. Make sure you work with someone who specifically practices this area of law and understands the science behind DUI cases. If a sobriety test result is used as evidence against you, it may be possible for a knowledgeable lawyer to discredit its accuracy. They will also be familiar with other defense strategies that could work in your situation.

Make Your Court Appearance

DUIAnytime you’re ordered to appear in court, it’s imperative that you comply. Missing a court date will only hurt your case and could result in additional penalties. If you are convicted, you may be held responsible for paying fines, taking classes, or handing over your driver’s license. 

Take the Rights Steps to Reinstate Your License

Once you’re eligible to start driving again, you must take the right steps to reinstate your license. This might include installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, attending DUI school, and purchasing a certificate of financial responsibility, also known as SR-22 insurance.

If you know what to do when you get a DUI, it can relieve some of the stress of the situation and improve your odds of a favorable outcome. To schedule a consultation, contact James T. Kratovil Law Offices at (304) 728-7718. You can also visit them online for additional information. 

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